Frog Gallery Logo - Designed for Celebrity Chef Adam Handling by The UK Web Design Company Ltd

Project Brief

We were contacted by Celebrity Chef Adam Handling’s company director who had seen our work on another website, and asked to design and built them a modern Ecommerce website for their Art Gallery. They wanted a website which would stand out from the other Art Gallery websites and all clients to view and purchase artworks online. They also required that a homewares gift shop area be built in to allow online shopping from their homewares and gifts shop. When they saw the website that we had designed and built for them (as well as the reworking of their logo) they were staggered and said that the website far exceeded their expectations.

Visual A

Frog Gallery Logo - Designed for Celebrity Chef Adam Handling by The UK Web Design Company Ltd

Visual B

Web Agency Portfolio case 4 - study Ecommerce Shop Art Gallery

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Skills Needed

For this project we created a bespoke Ecommerce website, designed too feature many artists and their artwork. We also redesigned their logo, and provided professional image editing and website design.

Ecommerce – Shopping Cart 99%
Website Design 98%
Logo Design 92%
Multimedia 98%
London Ecommerce web design process

Initial Concept Planning

We met with the Gallery over Zoom and discussed the project comparing competitor art gallery websites and what features could be designed to make this gallery stand out and provide a superior user experience for their gallery clients.

Draft & Revisions

Once the company had paid their deposit we started work immediately designing a powerful and user friendly Ecommerce website and redesigning their logo. When we were happy with the project we submitted it to the client to get their feedback. They were very staggered by the quality of the work and said that it had far exceeded their expectations. One or two minor adjustments were made in the exact tone of colour used in the design and the company were ready to sign off on the project.

Final Delivery

As is always the case, once any final tweaks have been made and approved the final balance was paid by the client and their new website was set live. The client was provided with a secure admin login so that they can make adjustments and updates to their website themselves anytime they wish.

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Frog Gallery Logo - Designed for Celebrity Chef Adam Handling by The UK Web Design Company Ltd

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