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The Web Design Company Support Sweyne Park School’s Preparation for the workplace programme.

Today Joseph and Stephanie took a day out from the office to support the community, and help prepare teenagers for entering the workplace. The Web Design Company were approached by Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh, and asked if we would be willing to come in to their school and participate in their “Preparation for the Workplace Programme”. Having a teenage son ourselves Stephanie and I were pleased to support this initiative. We arrived at 11am and were greeted by a mixture of students, (who were drooling over our car – We decided to go in our 1928 bright yellow hotrod) and school staff. After being signed in and having the aims of the day explained to us, we were shown to our rooms, where a desk was prepared with our names and company details. Student then came in to be interviewed as if they were applying for an apprenticeship with our company. (For all those reading this blog that are looking for companies to offer apprenticeships to their students, it is worth mentioning at this point that we are a small family company that do not provide apprenticeships. We are often asked and it isn’t a possibility for us. However we were happy to contribute by taking part in this programme.) Out of all the students that we interviewed during the day, only 2 of them actually were interested in a career in Web Design. Many of them were interested in other fields ranging from banking and accountancy to programming and the arts. It was interesting to be able to help the students prepare for the workplace. Overall the students did very well in presenting themselves, they were understandably nervous, and I think that the process was very useful to them. After interviewing each student we gave them feedback on how they did, and on areas where they could come across better to a prospective employer. One of the students, a master Bradley White, really stood out to me, a young man of around 17 years of age who was looking for a career in accounting. He was articulate, polite, maintained excellent eye contact and was clearly highly motivated to succeed. This particular young man had a lovely humble manner that was very appealing, an excellent work ethic and a desire to learn. If we had genuinely had a vacancy, we would have employed young Bradley White without any hesitation. If there are any accounting firms out there that are looking for an apprentice you couldn’t possibly do any better than to employ this young man. If you contact The Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh and ask to be put in touch with young Mr Bradley White, they should be able to put you in touch. We had to select one student that had stood out as the best, and this young man was the clear choice, so they will know who he is. We wish him & all the other students that we interviewed every possible success for their future.

I cant contact my web designer – what do I do?

You cant contact your web designer – what do you do?

So if your website was built quite a while ago, and your old website designer isn’t responding to emails, or you cant contact them anymore, but you need to sort out your website what can you do? Does this mean that you have to dump your website and start all over again? Not necessarily!  We have helped many companies that were in this situation out. Give Joseph a call on his mobile – 07944062954 – He has been building and fixing websites for around 20 years, he will be able to help you get your website sorted out.

10 questions you have all been asking about the hotrod

We have been having fun in a hotrod. So lets start by answering a couple of questions about the car:

  1. Is it a Kitcar? – No it isn’t a kit car, it is a genuine 1928 all steel bodied car.
  2. What actually is it? – It is a 1928 Ford Model A.
  3. Is it fast? – Yes it is very fast.
  4. What Engine has it got? – It has a 5.7 litre Small block Chevy 350 V8 built for drag racing.
  5. Does it drink a lot of petrol? – Erm yes. Im not going to say how much, see question 7.
  6. Can I pay you to take my Daughter to the prom in it? – No, that would be illegal as I don’t have a taxi licence.
  7. How much did it cost to buy? – Many many many thousands of pounds, and that is as much as I’m saying as my wife reads this website.
  8. Where did you get it from? – We bought it from someone who had imported it from America where it was professionally built.
  9. Do you take it to shows? – Yes we do. However it still needs a lot of work to get to real show standard, we are working on it.
  10. Why did you buy it? – Our Electric van was written off by a moron who tried to cut us up in traffic, we needed something equally eye catching and fun. Personally I think we have topped the van by miles. Also everyone loves this car, we have old and young alike smiling and waving every time we take it out. And we like to bring smiles to peoples faces.
The story continues… The car has been an ongoing adventure as anyone who has ever owned a hotrod will tell you. Things break down and go wrong all the time, the car is almost 90 years old, so it needs constant care and tweaking to keep it running. We will post updates as we go along and let you know the good times and the bad times in the car as they happen.

Hotrod wiring issues

Hotrod wiring issues

So we discovered yesterday that the brake lights have stopped working on the hotrod. Upon inspection it turns out that the wiring loom is an utter mess, there are left over wires from all sorts of things and loose connections, missing earths and a plethora of electrical problems. So we have enlisted the help of a local auto electrical company who came and spent a few hours assessing the many problems before deciding that it would be best simply to rip out all the electrics and start again. One of the problems with the hotrod having been built by an unknown company in America before being shipped over here, is that we don’t know what parts they used for anything. The brakes being no exception, it seems that the brake switch is a hydraulic one that doesn’t unscrew like modern hydraulic brake switches, it is actually built in, inline, and can’t be removed or replaced without bleeding down and dismantling the entire brake line. So it was decided to leave it in place, and simply disconnect the electric from it and install an electric brake switch instead. So he is coming back on Monday and getting started.

The coolest web designers in town

The coolest web designers in town

The Web Design Company have invested in an original steel bodied 1928 Model A hot rod as their company transport. It is bright yellow and features a 5.7 ltr 350 V8 engine. It is loud and yes it is fast, but most important is that it is great fun, and everyone that sees it loves it… We will be posting photos, videos and details of how we get on with using a car that is almost 90 years old as our daily driver…