Genuine Video Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We work a Little’s differently to many other web design agencies. We always help our customers to keep everything in their own name rather than ours. We do not make money from you by selling hosting or domains with a markup added. Instead we advise you on where the best value and best service hosting and domain registrations can be found, and we help you to open the accounts, talking you through the process step by step.

Our pricing is clear and doesn’t change after your website is started. We will give you a price/quote for your website and that is all that we will charge you. We take a 50% deposit and get started, once we have built your website, you can check it, and then we are paid the balance and set you really new website live.

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Web design customer: Thamesgate Group

Project Brief: We were contacted by Nick who needed to meet an urgent deadline. He had just 3 days to get a brand new website built, and he was a little worried that what he wanted would not be possible in the time he had left to get it finished.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “My name is Nick Watkins, im the managing director of Thamesgate group. I approached Joe on Monday, and said to him that I needed a website done very very quickly. I wanted something quite basic, and what I got within just 3 days is probably the most amazing website that I have ever seen! It is an amazing product, and the service we got has been second to none, we gave a very very basic brief, but the overall website we got was exactly what I had in my head, amazing. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! “


Web design customer: Azzurro Italian Restaurant

Project Brief: We were contacted by the owners of Azzurro restaurant, they had a website which they couldn’t update themselves and each time they wanted to update it their web designer wanted to charge them a lot of money. They needed to be able to update and edit the website themselves. It also needed to be made mobile and tablet friendly.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hello my name is Astella, I’m from Azzurro restaurant in Westcliff. I’d like to thank Joseph for his good design of our new website. It’s easy to use… Fantastic… You can get around it easily… (Looks to her husband for support, and he reminds her that they can update the website themselves now.) We can update it ourselves… (Laughs)”


Web design customer: UK Horns

Project Brief: We were contacted by Pete from UK Horns who had seen one of our award winning advertising vehicles. Pete told us that someone had been supposed to be building him a website for over a year, and what he had been given was not working and was not usable.

He had given up trying to get in touch with the person who had paid for the website for his company, and unfortunately had lost control of his old domain name as it had been registered in the name of the person that was supposed to be building the website for him. So we helped him to find an even better domain name and register it, and then we built a website for him to advertise his saxophones on.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hi my name’s Pete Marriott, and I run a company called UK Horns. We specialise in selling saxophones and secondhand saxophones. Ive had various websites in the past, and unfortunately they have not been great. I approached Joe after Ive seen his little motor car parked outside my house one day. I approached him and explained what I needed, he came round and we went through it and I couldnt recommend him highly enough! He is very professional, he turned up when he said he was going to turn up, answered my emails when he said he would answer my emails, and run me through the site, and he is very very patient. If you are looking for a good quality website at a reasonable price, then speak to Joe at The web design company, Thank you.”


Web design customer: The Garden Landscaping Company Ltd

Project Brief: We were called by Richard from The Garden Landscaping Company Ltd who has seen our little electric Hedgehog advertising van. Richard needed a website for his company, he didnt have one at all yet, so we helped him to register his company domain name and open the hosting account, and we built a website for him following his brief.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hi im Richard from the Garden Landscaping Company, Joseph very kindly set up our first website. Which is nearly up and running, it’s great im very pleased with it. And he has been very helpful in showing us how we can add to it and work on it as well. Which is good.”


Web design customer: Len Forge Centre

Project Brief: We were contacted by Dan from The Len Forge Centre, they had a very old website that someone had done for them for free many years ago, but needed a professional website built. It needed to allow them to update their league tables regularly, as well as update and advertise upcoming team fixtures and match results. They wanted a booking system for the services that they offer. They also wanted to be able to update and edit the website themselves regularly and have a built in newsletter subscription system.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “My names Danny, im the FDO at the Len Forge Centre. We contacted the web design company about a website that we needed to be built, with different things that we needed to be added to it. Joe’s been really helpful for us, anytime that we have needed to change anything or add anything he has been available for us to contact him 24/7, and the website that we have now got up and running is really good and really helpful for us. To, for instance be able to allow people to contact us via different email addresses and also for people to be able to book things online, and to use our centre as well. “


Web design customer: Leigh Interiors

Project Brief: We were contacted by Phil of Leigh Interiors, he had been messed about by a Rayleigh based company who use a pushy telesales team, followed by a sales rep visiting that promise the earth and then get their victims to sign an agreement with 9 pages of terms and conditions small print. This makes it very difficult to leave them and to be able to stop paying them, even if they have not kept their promises. Just like all the other customers who have contacted us after going with this particularly poor company, Phil’s website was a half finished mess. The company who’s name we cant reveal for legal reasons (S*f*T**h D****n), were making it very difficult to move away and were refusing to provide a copy of his website. In the end we opened a new hosting account for him for just £15 a year and rebuilt his website.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hi there im Phil Laurence from Leigh Interiors. I had a website designed by somebody in Rayleigh, they made a complete hash of it, I come along and I found Joe, who has absolutely transformed it, and done a lot of other things like click and buy stuff. And im very pleased with the work he has done, super helpful, I cant praise him enough, and it is one to one, person to person, which is what you need because you never know where you are going with a website. Thank you.”


Web design customer: Remedy Tea Rooms

Project Brief: We were asked for a quote by the owner of Remedy Tea Rooms. This company had been inundated with web designers calling and asking them if they wanted their website, but they had a tight budget and were very particular about what they wanted their website to look like and to to. They also had a little bit of a problem with their domain name as it had been registered by another company who had promised them the earth, and then messed them about and not built them a website that could be used. We helped them to sort out their domain and hosting account and then built the website for them exactly how they wanted it.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Yeah, hi, I’m Patricia Geitmanski, I’m the owner of the Remedy Tea Shop in Southend. I run a shop on the high street opposite Marks and Spenser’s, and we have been open since January last year, 2014. We came to know Joe because he left one of his business cards with us, we picked him because he looked like a reliable and trustworthy person. He has done our website very quickly with no hassle. I strongly recommend him, he is a really good guy, always contactable and always willing to go that extra mile, and erm, yes, we couldn’t be happier so yes, go for Joe. Thank you.”


Web design customer: Marbonyx

Project Brief: We were asked to come in and see the directors as Marbonyx. They had a website that they were very unsatisfied with. it didn’t have the professional image that they wanted and it didn’t work in the way that they needed it to. So we designed them a new, professional website, and built in the ability for them to add the actual marble and granite slabs that they have in stock. The customer can view each slabs details and zoom in to view the slab in close detail before calling to order it. This website was programmed and built bespoke for the client. Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “My name is Andrea Marchetti, I’m a director at Marbonyx ltd. We approached Joe to improve our website, but essentially we started again from scratch. The website is very very professional now, whereas before it wasn’t. And now it has actually formed an integral part of our sales process, because our clients can now view materials online, and select whichever ones they prefer to use in their projects, and im really pleased with Joe’s work. Thank you. ”        

Web design customer: JCA Plumbers & Merchants

Project Brief: This customer was recommended to us by another corporate business manager. They had had a website built by a fairly new web design company, but this company had been working on it for around 2 years and it still want working. It was supposed to be an e-commerce website (on-line shop), but it was riddled with errors and faults. People couldn’t pay on-line and the website crashed each time it was loaded. The company was understandably annoyed at having spent out on a website that didn’t work. Eventually he gave them a week to fix the website and they couldn’t do it. At this point we were referred over to JCA and had the website fixed and redesigned within a few days. Needless to say they were delighted.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hi, my name is Howard, JCA plumbing merchants in Southend. Yeah, Joe come in, we had a website done from someone else and it wasn’t working at all. So Joe’s come in and rectified all the errors on the actual back page of it, and redesigned the actual front page and now it is all working. Joe’s done a really good job, I recommend his company to anyone. “


Web design customer: Heidi’s Angels Havanese

Project Brief: We were asked by a Pedigree Havanese puppy breeder to build them a website. They didn’t have a website and needed one to show their dogs and show availability of their puppies. They were recommended to us by another previous customer who we have built a number of websites for. This site has a content management system to allow the client to update their own website any time that they like. Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hello, my name is Paula Redding and my business is Havanese dogs. I’m going to be breeding and showing my Havanese dogs. I was highly recommended to Joe, which I’m highly grateful for, he done a fantastic job on my website. He was prompt, anything wasnt too much trouble for him, very reasonable pricing and he is just a great bloke to get on with, he does everything for you. If you have a problem, he will sort it, and believe you me, I’ve had problems and he sorted them.”        

Web design customer: David Petherbridge Upholstery

Project Brief: We were asked to build 2 websites for this customer, one site to focus on the specialist range of children’s bespoke furniture that he makes. The other site to focus on the furniture upholstery and the marine boat upholstery that he provides. Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Ok, I’m David Petherbridge of David Petherbridge upholstery in Leigh on sea, Eastwood Road North. I approached Joe to look and do my website, he’s erm, after talking to Joe for a while, he’s very good to get along with, easy, easy to get along with, he advises you on so many way’s and aspects of doing the website. I have so many people look at my website and say how good, and how well it is done and it has really brought me in a lot of work, and I hope to have a long future with Joe in progressing on this, and the price is very very good. Joe helps where ever he can, like I say, you build a good relationship with Joe and the financial a side of it,  I found, was very very good comparing with other website designers. And I would like to say I can stay with Joe for the future of my business.”        

Web design customer: The Party Shop

Project Brief: This customer needed help because another unscrupulous web designer, had taken her money to build a website, started to build it and then run off with her money. We helped her to track down the thief so she could contact him to ask for her money back. Later we were asked to build a shopping website for her to sell her products on the internet. Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hello, I’m Lisa from the party shop. We had Joe build a website for us and we can thoroughly recommend him. He is always there to help us out whenever we need it, on the end of the phone. So if you need a website designer, I would recommend him. Thanks”      

Web design customer: Pine Motors

Project Brief: This customer had registered their domain name and tried to build a website for himself using one of those do it yourself web builder accounts. He realised that the website didn’t look at all professional, and asked us to build him a proper website to load all his cars on to. We built a website for him with a bespoke content management system, that allows him to take photos of his cars with a phone or tablet and upload them in seconds direct to his website from his phone.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Im Steve from Pine Motors, car sales in Westcliff. We approached Joe from The Web Design Company, to make us a website. Something easy to use, something that we can use quick and easily, and something that is easy for customers to browse through with nice pictures. He showed us how to make that. What he done, is he showed us how to optimise it, we used Facebook, Twitter, he just sort of put it all together, and by the searching on Google , it then gives you our listing, on our website on Google on the first page. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a website, but by doing some it has probably doubled our business in the first month of having our website with them. It has been great for us and I highly recommend them.”


Web design customer: Host Heaven UK

Project Brief: This customer came to us with a messed up website, he had been promised the earth by another website designer, but when it came down to the actual website. What he was given was utterly unprofessional and unusable. The customer came and had a meeting with us and we helped him by sorting out the problems with his domain name and his hosting, and by building his website for him from scratch.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “My name is Ratip Alsuliaman, I contacted the web design company to build a website for us, and I met with the owner Joseph of The Web Design Company and he is very very helpful. We met, we talked and we had a coffee, he is a very very amazing person and he built a website. The website is fantastic, whenever we phoned them, they are available, they are very supportive, and I recommend anybody to do a web design with them. They are a very very good company and I guarantee that you will be very happy at the end of the day with the job they do. This is my experience with them, thank you.”


Web design customer: Sonico Barbers

Project Brief: This customer had been waiting for a friend to keep his promise and build him a website. After many months, he asked us to build the website for him instead. We had the website built and live within days. He was really pleased.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “Hi, my name is Sonico, I’m the owner of Sonico Barbers in Southchurch road. Joe approached us and offered us a website design, which was very good, very easy to use he is highly recommend. Erm, I’ve forgotten the rest… let’s start again… ha ha… no it’s cool”


Web design customer: In The Borough – London

Project Brief: This customer had paid another website developer to build a website for him, however he had waited for 2 years and had ended up with something that looked awful and didn’t do what he had asked for. He was recommended to us by a relative and was over the moon to get the exact website he had in his mind just 2 months later.

Customers Video Review / Testimonial Transcript: “So, The Web Design Company, what can I tell you about the web design company? Ive had many experiences trying to create the ideal website, and most of them have failed until this moment, where I can assure you that is the Rolls Royce of websites. And it is all credit to, erm no, absolute total credit to The Web Design company. So if you need someone to create or recreate or build or just to modify a website, speak to Joseph”

Final important comment

Note that none of these people felt particularly comfortable on camera, but they really wanted you to know how they felt about us. We did not provide anyone with scripts or tell them what to say. All reviews are genuine.