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I’ve got an old website, it looks so out of date – but I dont want to start again, can you redesign it?

Yes, most often we can give your website a facelift and bring it in to the modern age. You are not alone, the internet is full of websites that were build by someone’s son, or done as a favour by a friend who has got a program on their computer that can make websites. There is no doubt that it did its job at the time, but it just wont cut it anymore. You need a professional image now if your company is going to be taken seriously. We can usually take at least the text from your website, (although often we find that when people sit down and think about it, they want to make quite a few changes to the text too, as it is often very out of date) and sometimes we can use the pictures too, although to look professional it is important that good quality images are used. The we will build a new website and use the information from your old website but using modern technology to make it iPad friendly etc…

Ive lost contact with my old web designer can you take over?

Yes, even if you have lost contact with your old web designer, provided that your website is not Adult related, or have a religious or political theme, then we can usually help. We will need to take a look at your website, if it is still online, then we can usually move it to a new server for you, where you will have control over the website again. Or alternatively if your website has vanished and you cant get a reply from your old designer, if you contact us quickly enough, we can sometimes still recover your old website, or part of your old website and put it back online again for you. Just give us a ring and tell us what the problem is, and we will see if we can fix it for you.

Web design – Common Questions

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