What is the Google Hummingbird Update?

Well first of all the Google Hummingbird update is actually not just a search algorithm update. It is a brand new algorithm that has replaced the old one entirely. Anyone who has ever watched a hummingbird will know that the speed at which those little wings move is amazing, they become a blur, so much so in fact that you can barely see them at all, and as the little bird darts in to feed, it moves swiftly and accurately.  Which is why Google, in a break from their obsession with all creatures black and white, adopted this little bird as their representative for their latest update. Google Hummingbird is promising to be quite a leap forward in terms of the evolution of intelligent search. They aim to better understand what we are actually searching for, and to be able to check for connections in past searches from your search history to what you are looking for now. They are also less tied to specific keywords with this algorithm and better understand the way that people speak in everyday conversation.  As many of the searches that people enter on-line are in fact typed the way that we would ask a person in real life, rather than trying to match the word in our search to words on a website, they have progressed to the point of understanding what we actually mean and how they can provide links that hold the answer to what we are actually looking for.  

So what does this mean for web-masters?

Well first of all the days of keyword stuffing are well and truly gone, and fortunately this has spelt the end for spun articles too. So if you used to pay someone to churn out unreadable spun articles based on your keywords and suddenly your website has vanished from the SERPs, well now you know why. Google can now understand if text is well written and more importantly if it is written by a human or spun by a computer. So if you have stuffed your pages with the same keywords over and over, you need to rethink, firstly your page now needs to be written for the reader, and secondly you need to use related keywords just as you would if you were having a conversation with someone. If you make your website text conversational it will now appeal not only to your visitors more, but it will actually provide a better match for the new Google Hummingbird algorithm.
Google Hummingbird Update

What is the Google Hummningbird update all about? read on to find out.