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Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Development
The Web Design Company don’t only build websites you know, we also design and build apps for mobiles phones. These are a very powerful way of interacting with your customers and promoting your business.

App Features

We start by identifying what sort of app you need and which features would be beneficial to you, and which are most likely to lead to increased business for you. Once we have identified this, we help you to choose a list of specific features that will work with your business. These include selling products or services directly through your new mobile app, allowing customers to make bookings with you via your app. Sending mobile push messages which appear on the screen of everyone that has your app installed on their mobile phone, and even being listed under the messages section if anyone has opted out of receiving push messages. You can offer loyalty stamps, or discount codes or vouchers for just about any business via a mobile phone app.    

Built in Loyalty Systems

We can also offer incentives for people to download and install your app, such as a discount voucher that they receive upon installation. Another feature that is available is a unique promotion code that is assigned to each person that installs the app. They are then able to send that code and a link to download the app to their friends & family, when that referral code is entered by someone at the time of installing the app on their phone it sends a stamp or a tick to the person who recommended them. You can offer rewards such as discounts, or freebies or other rewards to anyone that collects a set number of referral stamps. This is great for encouraging the natural spread of your app.    

Links to your Website & Social Media

We can link the app to parts of your website if you wish, so that the website information can be accessed via the app. We can also link the app to your social media accounts, and use the native mobile phone features to view and use them. This would include linking your address to Google Maps on the phone from the app, and opening your Facebook or Twitter accounts using the Facebook or Twitter apps installed on the phone. We can add a gallery of your social media images to the app, even allowing you full control over individual images that you wish to include or exclude.    

Mobile App Geo Fencing

A very powerful feature that we can build in for you is the ability to send GEO Fence push messages. Geo Fencing is where you assign a location in your app that can be as small as within 100 meters of the location or as large as an entire continent. Each time someone with your app installed crosses in to the geo fenced area, they are automatically sent a push message to their phone. You can edit the messages as often as you like, you will also have control over how often the message is sent, so if for example the geo fenced area is frequently triggered, it will only send 1 message each week, or a month, or you can allow it to send one a day to each phone with your app installed that visits the targeted location.

Selling products or booking services

We can build in the functionality to your app to allow you to sell products or services, we can also allow you to have requests for bookings come to you via the app. When a customer on your app sends a request to book via your app, you can opt to receive the request via email, or SMS, or both. You can also accept or reject the booking from your smartphone. We can build in a timer so that if you do not reply within a specified time, (anything from a few minutes to a week), it sends an auto reply on your behalf to say anything that you want it to say.

App Development Timeframe

On average it takes our team around 4 weeks from start to finish to design, build and launch a fully featured mobile app. It takes between a week and a half to two and a half weeks for Apple to approve the app for the app store. Android are much faster, when both have been approved we launch the app for you.

App hosting & Updates

As the phones are regularly updated, your app will also need to be updated, we include these updates in the cost of your hosting and version maintenance.

App Development Prices

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