Preparing the web pages

Plan the pages of your website

So now you have decided roughly how you want your website to look, next you need to decide what you want it to say. First you should research your competition. Take the time to look up all your competitors and see what they have included on their websites. It is important to remember that you must not simply copy the text from other people’s websites, quite apart from the moral issues involved, Google knows what text originated from what website, and if you copy it, they will simply penalize your website, and no one will ever find it. You will obviously need a homepage, and a contact page, but on their own they will not tell your visitors very much about your service or company. So you need to decide what else to tell them. It is always good to put yourself in the place of your customers, and think if I was looking for the service or product that I provide, what information would I be looking for? Are there any questions that your customers frequently ask? If so that information should be included on your website. When you have a list of information this should be logically divided in to pages. Read through the list and then ask yourself what else would I want to know? If you have covered everything, that’s great you are ready to get started, but if you think anything is missing, add it to the list.