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The Web Design Company don’t only build websites you know, we can optimise them for too. If you want us to we can take over your existing SEO, or if you are not currently working on your search engine optimisation, then we can get it started for you. Alternatively if you wish to keep it in house but wish to pay for consultancy we can help. We start by identifying the best keywords for you to target, this is based on finding which of the relevant keywords are searched for the most, and which are most likely to lead to increased business for you. Once we have identified this, we help you to choose a list of specific keywords that you want to rank highly for in the search engines. We then take a look at your website and help to make adjustments where needed to make the most of your ranking potential. Then we start working on the keywords for you. Unlike other optimisation companies we are happy to work on a month by month basis, only working when you want us too. We know that our results speak for themselves and will keep you coming back month after month. Keywords are priced according to their difficulty as this dictates the amount of work that they require each month. Prices range from £150 a month per keyword to £650 a month. A keyword is not a single word, but rather is the industry term used for a phrase that you search for in Google. For example “Southend Lollypop Company” is a single keyword, and will be much easier to rank for that simply searching for “Lollypops”. So for “Southend Lollypop company” we might charge you £150 a month, whereas to work on the keyword “Lollypops” we might charge you £650 a month. (Obviously each keyword is different, some are more competitive and will take more work than others to rank. We will research each keyword that you want us to work on and give you a quote based on how easy or difficult it will be to rank.) Obviously the more keywords you want to work on each month, the better discounts we can offer you. Optimising for peoples actual searches is a must if you are going to rely on the search engines to bring people to your website. Due to the fact that the main search engines are always changing their algorithms, this is an area that constantly being updated. Google is a prime example of this as they are continually changing the rules of what is and isn’t acceptable. If you follow out of date guidance you can actually do much more harm than good. The Web Design Company keep on top of the ever changing requirements for search engine optimisation and can help you to improve your websites position in the search engines.
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