We have been having fun in a hotrod. So lets start by answering a couple of questions about the car:

  1. Is it a Kitcar? – No it isn’t a kit car, it is a genuine 1928 all steel bodied car.
  2. What actually is it? – It is a 1928 Ford Model A.
  3. Is it fast? – Yes it is very fast.
  4. What Engine has it got? – It has a 5.7 litre Small block Chevy 350 V8 built for drag racing.
  5. Does it drink a lot of petrol? – Erm yes. Im not going to say how much, see question 7.
  6. Can I pay you to take my Daughter to the prom in it? – No, that would be illegal as I don’t have a taxi licence.
  7. How much did it cost to buy? – Many many many thousands of pounds, and that is as much as I’m saying as my wife reads this website.
  8. Where did you get it from? – We bought it from someone who had imported it from America where it was professionally built.
  9. Do you take it to shows? – Yes we do. However it still needs a lot of work to get to real show standard, we are working on it.
  10. Why did you buy it? – Our Electric van was written off by a moron who tried to cut us up in traffic, we needed something equally eye catching and fun. Personally I think we have topped the van by miles. Also everyone loves this car, we have old and young alike smiling and waving every time we take it out. And we like to bring smiles to peoples faces.
The story continues… The car has been an ongoing adventure as anyone who has ever owned a hotrod will tell you. Things break down and go wrong all the time, the car is almost 90 years old, so it needs constant care and tweaking to keep it running. We will post updates as we go along and let you know the good times and the bad times in the car as they happen.