Getting started: Choosing a Layout & Style

Before your website can be built you need to make a few decisions

Which layout style do you prefer?

  boxed-and-full-layout Websites generally fall in to 2 main categories, “full width” websites that use all of the width of the screen without a background image at the sides, and “boxed” design websites that have a box section in the middle of the page with the text and images in. Boxed designed websites tend to have either a solid background colour at the sides, or a background image. Our website for example is a boxed design layout. Whereas this site from our portfolio is a full width layout design.

What colour should your website be?

Once you have decided if you want a boxed layout or a full width layout, you next will need to think about colours. If you already have company colours, then this will be very easy, you should use the company colours that are already established, and you are recognised by. However if this is a new company, or a new venture and you have not yet selected colours, you will need to. We are all very different in the way we work. If this is a difficult task for you, then you can always ask your website designer for help or suggestions. Some of our customers have very definite ideas of what they require, and others leave it almost entirely up to our designers. The choice is yours. You can start by looking at other people’s websites and finding colours that you like and think would represent your website well.

Do you have a logo?

If you have a company logo, then you will need to send a copy of it to your website designer. A large hi resolution version will be best for quality results. Remember you can always make an image smaller, but you can’t make it bigger without losing quality. If you do not have a logo and you want one, then we can always design one for you.