Hotrod wiring issues

So we discovered yesterday that the brake lights have stopped working on the hotrod. Upon inspection it turns out that the wiring loom is an utter mess, there are left over wires from all sorts of things and loose connections, missing earths and a plethora of electrical problems. So we have enlisted the help of a local auto electrical company who came and spent a few hours assessing the many problems before deciding that it would be best simply to rip out all the electrics and start again. One of the problems with the hotrod having been built by an unknown company in America before being shipped over here, is that we don’t know what parts they used for anything. The brakes being no exception, it seems that the brake switch is a hydraulic one that doesn’t unscrew like modern hydraulic brake switches, it is actually built in, inline, and can’t be removed or replaced without bleeding down and dismantling the entire brake line. So it was decided to leave it in place, and simply disconnect the electric from it and install an electric brake switch instead. So he is coming back on Monday and getting started.